Finvasia Group Acquires ZuluTrade, the World’s Largest Social Trading Network

Over the years, ZuluTrade has collaborated with many brokers and added several new features to its offering, including the ability to copy CryptoTraders as well as the launch of Combos and Crypto Payments. Making copytrading lot easy for me, especially as a newbie trader myself. I enjoy some of their features, such as Zuluguard & Automator and I’m sure there are others that I’ll explore soon. Above all, on the top left, you can set the time period of simulation, and also change your imaginary balance and your account’s currency, including the leverage you would like to simulate.

Is forex a gamble?

If a trader relies more on intuition, rather than level-headed analysis, trading could be recognised as gambling. So, much depends on how Forex is put to practice. 'Knowledge is power is not just an empty phrase: it's what distinguishes successful traders from the not-so-outstanding ones.

This is one of the charts I always like to look very carefully when I visit a Signal Provider’s profile. Along the abscissa axis you can find the time, but this time divided by weeks, while in the ordinates you have the pips. Below you can find a pop-up menu that lets you select one or more of these pairs, to see with an Equity Line the actual Signal Provider’s profits and losses trend on a particular exchange. This is a great way to figure out where the Signal Provider do his best, and where it suffers a bit more.

ZuluTrade Real customer rating

You should still do your due diligence before placing any copy trades even with one of the best copy trading brokers around as Zulutrade is. Every broker which is a partner of Zulutrade and which you can connect to your account is very well-regulated within their respective jurisdictions. To this end, Zulutrade only allows regulated brokers to connect with their services. As a trader, you will be on the other side and providing trades that are copied by investors.

In addition, there are video tutorials that explain each step of the process, as well as a blog and discussion forum to provide further information. It’s easy to follow othexcriticals and get updates as soon as they post a trade, and all you need to do is click ‘copy’ to send the trade to one of your assigned brokers. The only fee Zulutrade charges is a $30 per month subscription fee if you sign up for the profit sharing account. All other fees are controlled by the broker that makes your trades. As an Investor you can copy any trader, apply your own rules or, trade manually. Social Forex Autotrading Platform ZuluTrade partners with award winning broker FXPRIMUS, enabling its clients to follow trading experts’ strategies and eliminate human error and emotion in trading.


As a follower, the signal provider you have chosen to follow will have their trades automatically executed in your broker account. Unlike most auto trading platforms, this copy trading platform values variety. ZuluTrade provides multiple trading tools, different trading accounts, and a list of Forex trading brokerage firms to give you the option to choose. ZuluTrade provides multiple trading tools, different trading accounts, and a list of Forex trading brokerage firm to give you the option to choose. The Hellenic Capital Market Commission allows the capital market to operate smoothly and safely, without any widespread financial risk.

Choose country

By 1824 Shaka had an Army of 20,000 and had destroyed an area of land 100 miles wide south of Tugela. By the time of his death in 1828 he ruled 250,000 people and could put 40,000 warriors into the field having killed an estimated 2,000,000 people during his reign. He had such wealth that he bred cattle herds of the same colour and his cruelty and mass executions keep him in power until he started to overstrain his army and the unrest caused by the enforced celibacy became too much. On 23rd September 1828 his half brothers assassinated him and he died screaming for mercy. His body was quickly buried but the location is unknown but is believed to be somewhere under the Natal village of Stanger. A tremendous war leader haunted by the demons of his childhood Shaka remains one of great villains of military history although often overlooked by Eurocentric Historians.

Due to the volatility of the markets, sometimes results may vary between accounts.All signals and trades executed on a demo account are considered to be hypothetical. With ZuluTrade, there is a wide range of benefits that will help you in many ways. The first benefit is that there is a free and unlimited Demo Account that allows you to become familiar with the auto trading platform, and financial markets in general. With ZuluTrade, you will have wide exposure to many traders that you can follow and duplicate trades, which would lead to larger signal provider earnings. You also have the option to discuss your trading strategies and share your trading knowledge with other users on the ZuluTrade platform. Along with the open and cooperative environment, ZuluTrade provides a variety of performance indicators and graphs to help analyse expert traders, or better known as signal providers.

No information or opinion contained on this site should be taken as investment advice, personal recommendation, or an offer of, or solicitation to buy or sell, any financial instruments. Past performance should not be considered evidence or guarantee for future performance. The Classic Account, or model, offers you the option of getting paid 0.5 pips per trading lot, for every closed trade that is executed in a Real Account.

Leave out the risk and learn the ropes of forex trading with Fidelis CM Demo Account. Get complete access to the best video lessons and blogs from the foremost forex experts. All contents on this site is for informational purposes only and does not constitute financial advice. Consult relevant financial professionals in your country of residence to get personalised advice before you make any trading or investing decisions. may receive compensation from the brands or services mentioned on this website.


As you can understand, there’s so much to say about this very useful simulation tool. It’s a chance to start working professionally and try to get the most from your Social Trading investment. When you set the data and launch the simulation, ZuluTrade will return the performance graphic. In addition, in the top right corner you can also find the performance figure, in percentage and monetary terms. In any case, this portfolio simulation tool is here precisely to give you a way to do all the tests and experiments you want, without the minimum risk of being hurt.

Founded in 2007, ZuluTrade is the world’s first and one of the most important online and mobile social trading platform. Over 50 Brokers worldwide utilize ZuluTrade’s cutting edge technology to provide their clients the ability of Social Trading. Due to the increasing work commitments, Leon realized he could not follow the markets as he wanted.

As an investor here you will be copying traders on the platform with a range of different features on offer depending on your level and goals. Additionally, you can expect a very high degree of transparency from ZuluTrade and security for your funds in the form of ZuluGuard, an account protection feature. There is an account type on offer here for investors known as the Classic account, and one foxcriticals in the form of a Trader account. Zulutrade is a simple to use social and copy trading platform that’s great for beginners. It holds no money itself and is very transparent with the performance of every trader you can copy, which makes it a safe and reliable platform for anyone who’s new to financial trading. It doesn’t hold your money itself and it only acts as a vehicle for you to copy other people’s trades directly to a third party broker.

The same is true of the demo account in this Zulutrade review. Forex trading or trading in any other asset, it doesn’t matter, a demo trial is the perfect chance for you to trade with virtual funds risk-free but in a real simulated environment. ZuluTrade is ultimately one of the best and most popular platforms for copy trading in the industry.

Use this service to order a certified copy of a document from a company’s filing history. The company is authorised and supervised in Europe by Greece HCMC and in Japan by the JFSA. ZuluTrade rebates are a portion of the transaction cost that is paid back to the client on each trade, resulting in a lower spread and improved win ratio. For example, if your rebate is 1 pip and the spread is 3 pips, then your net spread is only 2 pips. Multiple portfolios are available to copy, including cryptos and stocks.

As in all things, if the votes are many, there is more chance that they return a likely situation. As you may have the occasion to notice when you will control the slippage in a Signal Provider’s profile, among the first positions, if not always the first, there is the broker AAAFX, a company owned by ZuluTrade itself. Along the abscissa axis you can find the currency exchange rates upon which the Signal Provider has worked so far, on the ordinate instead of the amount of pips gained or lost for each currency pair. With the button below “Include Unrealized PnL” you have the chance to see the chart with two columns, orange and blue, and with the “Closed Trades Only” see only the orange closed trades. Last point, the time bar on the right, which will remain in a fixed position for virtually all the other tabs in this profile section. By clicking on the different options you can display the data according to the selected period.

So he left him, leaving a negative comment, going in search of some Signal Provider with who he can earn more money, but with who he will also risk more, very often with a negative ending. The Updates, in which, instead, he can respond to questions or comments from his follower investors, or simply give updates on his trading evolution. Even though it might be written in a language you don’t know, there’s the Google Translate feature xcritical official site of directly incorporated in the profile page, to help you understand. In addition, to the follower investors who follow him with live account is given the opportunity to ask the Signal Provider to provide an update, as you can see from the requests. 2) In addition to point 1, if you use a too tight trailing stop, you risks to block too early the trade’s life. On one hand you could save some pip of stop, and this could be a good thing.

My favorite copytrading platform!

With this portfolio simulation instrument you can play and experiment far and wide, and test all you want. These traders don’t close operations when they start losing, but they rather open others in the same direction to try to recover. Point C represents the new balance of 600 pips, after the account on ZuluTrade has grossed the losses.

  • With InvestinGoal, Filippo’s goal is to bring as much clarity as possible to help users navigate the world of online trading, forex, and cryptocurrencies.
  • Let’s suppose then that the Signal Provider continued to operate, but this time with less success.
  • ZuluTrade aims to connect Users and Traders through innovative and Proprietary Technology using advanced performance tools.
  • Now you understand why I say that if you know certain things, you cannot make certain mistakes, and you can start with great benefit when you will look for your trusted Signal Provider.
  • Once you have made your decision, simply press “Set”, and Zulutrade will save and use your new settings.

EU residents can now only view the top 2000 traders who comply with stringent criteria, demonstrating consistent and reliable performance. The result of this is that all traders now aim to adhere to these rules. Users of ZuluTrade can also comment directly on traders’ profile pages.

With ZuluTrade, you can guarantee that this auto trading platform fully obliges with the European Union regulations for automated trading service providers. This means that brokerage firms do not have to add an extra layer of financial regulations to provide this platform to their users. The company began in 2007 as a signals platform based exclusively on forex. Originally, it was simply an outlet for people to find trading signals and use its partner brokers to make trades. Over time it has developed into a copy trading platform where you can follow othexcriticals, as well as signals, to trade a range of different assets.

  • I’ve had my account open with them since October last year and am now 90% in profit despite a bad start.
  • The social component, however, enables traders to share opinions and ideas.
  • For every generous monthly PnL, you will be financially compensated based on a specific model, which ZuluTrade labels as 50% Payment-Reserve Model.
  • Going further down in his personal profile, on the left there’s the “Also Known As” block.
  • The model of this account is based on volume operations that are then replicated by the follower.

Many brokers offer free trading and make their money via a commission on the spread – the difference between the buy and sell price of an asset. Do your research into different brokers before deciding which platform to use, as the spreads can vary dramatically and make a big difference if you make a lot of trades. These guidelines include a maximum drawdown of the Trader’s account must not surpass 30% of total profit, the minimum trading time available is curbed at 12 weeks, and profit for each trade should not be less than 3 pips. Signal providers are financially compensated for their popularity and the success rate of their trading strategies among followers. This means that the less popular you are as a signal provider, the less you are financially compensated. LockTrade is another service that enables traders to confirm and verify a trade’s execution after the signal is received.

What do I replicate using ZuluTrade?

Zulutrade is a very easy platform to navigate and has plenty of good features. All you have to do is provide ZuluTrade with the name and account number of the brokerage firm you’re trading with. Sign and fax the LOD required by your broker, to authorize ZuluTrade to bridge the experts advice with your broker account. Experienced writer and journalist, working in the global online trading sector, Steffy is the Editor of LeapRate.


Shaka took the Zulu throne in 1816 when his father died and raised many more regiments according to age group and ability and made them live in celibacy . Due to his childhood Shaka had tremendous aggression and bordered on being a psychopath, even after he had killed all those who had tormented him as a child. By 1817 he had 2,000 men and struck out with tremendous ruthlessness, rival tribes submitted or were massacred. When his king died Shaka was going to his aid and rallied the demoralised Mtetwa tribe at the battle of Gqokli Hill with a brilliant defensive battle.

With copy trading platforms, novice traders can take a shortcut to the top without facing any financial. ZuluTrade tackles both novice traders and experienced traders, meaning that it is welcome for everyone. Experienced traders will be able to offer their expertise and trading knowledge for followers to duplicate. As for novice traders, they will be able to learn through a hands-on approach about the way financial markets and trading works. In 2012, ZuluTrade designed its website from scratch and added new features, allowing the platform to expand.

Critical Events instead will show what were the times when the Signal Provider has traded in conjunction with major world events. By passing over them with the mouse you will be able to know what these events were. Now, since we have begun to see the data that describes the Signal Provider, let’s start to see their personal profile, where we can find everything we need, and something more too. The concept is that the number of follower must not conditionate you in your choices, that have to be based on your professional knowledge and objective analysis of the Signal Provider’s risks and potential. Or maybe there can be a Trader’s communication in which he declare precisely how many trades he opens simultaneously in his strategy.

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