How to create an uber app with flutter

Before you create an app like Uber, you need to understand how to start with the project planning and idea execution. Also, there is an admin panel for regional offices that control all the rides processed with the Uber app. You can also elevate communication on your app platform by integrating SMS messaging features also. This is important in scenarios where the user might miss important notifications due to erratic internet connectivity. SMS will serve as an efficient backup media for notifying clients. Services you can use to accomplish SMS notifications include Twilio and many others.

create uber app

You will get an overview of all the processes that constitute app development and how the cost of each stage is calculated. In the USA, the average cost of app development services is about $100/hour. To better understand how to make an app like Uber, let’s see the main features for passengers and drivers. The ridesharing market has witnessed a considerable surge in the last few years.

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Study the current experience of passengers and drivers, find the most critical issues in their process routing and try to resolve them. It will make your product needful and encourage new users to move to your platform. If you’re striving to create your own Uber app (or it’s counterpart) there is the need for two apps.

create uber app

It has an admin panel for managing the business, an app for passengers, and another app for drivers. All these three app modules work together to make a successful Uber trip. Additionally, mind the price of admin panel development which may start at $14,350.

What are the Uber app driver features?

These features are separated into Passenger, Driver, and Admin features. The success of Uber inspired many other businesses to create similar apps. The app was able to stay on top because of the simplicity and the convenience that users enjoy. It also points out how other digital service providers in the sharing economy can elevate their business by taking a cue from Uber. Users can see all available cars on a map in real-time mode. Once the order was accepted by a driver, users can see a car’s geolocation on the map.

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This approach will save you loads of cash and expedite your apps speed to market. You can use a hybrid (cross-platform) development approach with a Mobile Backend-as-a-Service to launch your MVP in record time. This is where both drivers and passengers interested in your service will sign up. We have listed all the features that need to be in your Uber-like app.

Basic features for drivers are reporting, route optimization, ‘active/inactive’ button, calling to a passenger, etc. As said, the final cost of your Uber-like app is highly dependent on various factors and your personal preferences. A number of functions and their complexity are negotiable.

The notification also includes information about passenger location and the route. We’ll be glad to help you decide how to make an app like Uber and launch it to the market with minimal time and financial resources. Our experts will provide you with an initial project timeline and development cost. With an admin panel that will be a control center for admins to manage customers, drivers, orders, payments, reviews, etc. One of the factors that make Uber successful is that the company is a pioneer of the taxi-hailing service. Moreover, it is the company that first implemented such a business model on a global scale.

The Case Studies of Apps Like Uber

The key drivers of Uber expenses are the revenue cost , administrative , and sales and marketing. Besides that, the system takes over 33% commission from the passenger fare. For the remaining salary, drivers need to pay for the gas, insurance, self-employment taxes and vehicle expenses. create uber app The growing supply helped Uber to delight passengers with lower prices for the rides. They were provided with a range of opportunities like UberX and Pool that essentially save their money. The top priority feature of Uber and Uber-like apps is the geolocation for GPS routing.

  • Urban life is impossible without services that save time, and a taxi is one of them.
  • It has lots of APIs, utilities and middlewares in its ecosystem to help you build your application.
  • First, you should find a competent mobile development service.
  • The payment gateway should also be designed for mobile devices.
  • To get more precise cost estimation check out the complete tech guide for creating an Uber-like app.
  • At the time of writing this article, the current version of MongoDB is 3.2.

Once you’ve chosen a payment gateway, you’ll need to integrate it into your truck-hailing app. In addition, you should consider the costs of running the app. The app should also consider the cost of administrative costs, revenue, and marketing. It’s best to have a transparent payment scheme that reflects the cost of the service. When creating an uber-like application, consider the value proposition at the first point.

We’ve warned about that fact multiple times in the article. Still, we have tech consultants ready to estimate your project idea. You can also find out the approximate cost of application development. If you need any help in getting closer to your dream, please get in touch with us! Our managers will answer all your questions and provide you with custom project estimation.


It should also provide a vehicle tracking service and reminders of upcoming shipments. Additionally, it should provide carriers with an overview of their orders, including their exact location and a history of deliveries. An Uber-like trucking app needs to have navigation features. It should let the drivers and shippers know where the cargo is, and help them build optimized routes to get to their destinations.

Uber appeared on the US market ten years ago, once it was officially announced in San Francisco. Since that time, it has grown up to be the biggest transportation network. Being represented in 85 countries and operating in over 10,000 cities, Uber does not possess any cars. The ridesharing service operates due to the independent drivers’ community, which counts over 3,5 mil people today. Any new trip request is followed by a trip alert and the function to accept or decline it.

Modern technologies enable straightforward financial transactions between all parties concerned and it’s a benefit for both customers and drivers. Geolocation is the first basic feature to consider when answering the question of how to develop an app like Uber. In general, GPS technology is used to detect someone’s location. Although, services like Uber allow them to track the location of the driver who accepted the ride. Back-end and mobile development are included in estimations.

Features for Drivers to Create an App Like Uber

Uber utilizes the Google Map SDK. It is a powerful solution, compatible with both iOS and Android platforms. Unfortunately, it is pretty expensive for early-stage companies. Our latest review analyzed Google Maps API with another service, Mapbox, finding it cheaper. Although it does not provide the same range of features as Google Maps, the Mapbox seems to be a decent alternative. Approximately, the UI/UX design for the uber-like will take 640 hours to complete. This calculation is based on the user stories described in the article.

The next important aspect that the development team must handle is the integration of a payment gateway. You should consider accepting all major credit cards in addition to other payment options such as PayPal. However, there are some policies you need to implement within your app because your app will be handling financial transactions. The policies differ slightly from one nation to the other. So, make sure you do your homework while integrating payment gateways into your app. In your quest to develop an app like Uber, you should focus on building the app for a single platform for a start.

If demand for the service increases, the company will increase its prices. However, if demand peaks and the supply decreases, it can lower its prices. The company also uses a complex algorithm to adjust its prices based on its historical behavior and personal data of customers. If you’re developing an uber-like project, dynamic pricing is a vital part of the strategy. By focusing on individual pricing, you can make the user journey less complicated, and thus increase satisfaction levels and customer loyalty. Moreover, flexible pricing is a much safer business model than fixed pricing.

Revenue reports

A file that uses database drivers for database related operations. The route-handler would decide which function to call from the database file. Once a query is performed, the results are returned back to your route-handler with the help of a callback function.

Step-by-step instructions on how to build an Uber-like app.

Drivers can plan their routes and move to locations with high passenger density. Waiting time – if the waiting time is longer than 5 minutes, passengers are charged additionally. Push notifications – these can be used to notify about any changes in route, pickup location, request status, etc. Aside from basic features, you can add some additional ones. If your customers encounter any problems with payments, registration, etc., they should have the ability to connect with someone who can help them. Let’s find out how to create an app like Uber from the technical and business sides.

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In-house development companies may request about $100 per hour. While outsourcing may cut the costs without changing the functionality. To get more precise cost estimation check out the complete tech guide for creating an Uber-like app.

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